Brian Ladin Set to Invest in Renewable Energy

Brian Ladin
Aug 21, 2019 · 2 min read
Brian Ladin Set to Invest in Renewable Energy

Brian Ladin has constantly set his sights high, relying on his work ethic to achieve even the loftiest of ambitions. Upon graduating from Tulane University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Economy, Brian Ladin entered the banking industry, gaining valuable experience at ABN-AMRO Bank before joining Talisman Capital.

At Talisman Capital, he noticed and finalized more than 70 direct investment in numerous companies within the United States and overseas, totaling over $100 million dollars in distributed capital. Later, he was elevated to partner status at Bonanza Capital and was introduced to the shipping industry through his work with Euroseas, a dry bulk and container owner and operator.

In 2010, Brian founded Delos Shipping, a company that operates in Dallas, Texas, specializing in owning, operating and investing in shipping. Delos grew from no assets to controlling assets with an enterprise value of over $1 billion. “Building a business from the ground up is one of the most fulfilling things I have done, and it drives me every day,” he said.

The Toyon Canyon Project, Ladin’s latest venture, will see him invest considerably in renewable energy, as the Los Angeles-based landfill in Griffith Park serves as the basis for his project.

According to Brian Ladin, the Toyon facility’s gas resources are enough to support operations for 17 to 20 years and, if new technology permits generators to run at lower methane levels in the foreseeable future, it could preserve its usefulness for a few more years.

With Ladin’s proven track record in his previous transactions, the safe bet would be on the Toyon Canyon Project becoming yet another success story in his blossoming dossier.

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Brian exercises his leadership skills and extensive experience investing in public and private businesses as the founder of Delos Shipping.

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