This week in class, we talked about the concept of “Groupthink”. Groupthink is a very interesting psychological phenomenon that refers to the group in the decision-making process. People always think that a decision made by a group is always correct because the members are tended to make their point of view is consistent with the panel. Also, people might think that the decision made by the group becomes the standard to follow. Thus, the whole group may lack different perspectives on an issue and cannot objectively analysis of the problem. Groupthink limited individual’s creativity and objective advice; besides, after the individual proposed his/her opinion may neglect and isolated from other group members. Groupthink may cause the group unreasonable or even an adverse decision. Even if the majority of the members does not agree with the final decision; however, they will obey the group under the influence of groupthink.

It is not easy to work like a team and think like a team. If the thing goes wrong, who is going to take the responsibility? Whole group or someone who is new to the game??

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