Disclaimer: I am not a designer at DoorDash. This was done for the KPCB Design Fellows 2019 Challenge.

About the Project

Overview: A design proposal for DoorDash’s Order Manager for the iOS that streamlines the experience for merchants to better adjust orders and contact customers while updating the app’s branding to the current DoorDash design. There was no iOS version of the app which upset much of the user base so I saw an opportunity to fill that gap.

Solution: An overhauled iPhone app which improves (1) navigating between different stages of the ordering process, (2) adjusting orders on-the-fly, and (3) contacting Dashers.

Timeline: 3 weeks

(Solo Project) — My Role: Market Research, Wireframing, User Experience Design, Interaction Design

Tools: Adobe…

Brian Lin

Product Design Intern @ Uber · http://www.brianlindesign.com/

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