One mistake can ruin your day

A typical commute on the NYC subway. Got into the the subway station at 96th St, not my usual place to enter. The platform is not too crowded and I am relieved. My day is starting off slow. In my mind I am saying ‘one mistake can ruin your day’. In five minutes the train will arrive and we all will be on our way. The train arrives and most of the people on the platform board the train like New Yorkers, next stop 86th street. Trains stops at 86th St, certain male gets onto the train and bumps into a few people getting on the train rushing for a seat. I was one of the insulted, never said a word and neither did the others.

The voices in my head are screaming say something. Another voice says to me ‘one mistake can ruin your day’. In my mind this guy is rude and disrespectful, he has no clue. The train pulls out of the station and I grab the support pole and touch a lady's hand by mistake. I am still not over this rude guy, in my head ‘get over it’. Train pulls into and out of 81 st street station, the same lady touches my hand by mistake. We acknowledge each other and be New Yorkers and stair into the nothingness of an early subway ride to wherever everyone in NYC is going in the early morning. We have now gotten past 79th street and 72nd street is next a major stop to change trains express or local for the upper west side.

The next stop is 66th St Lincoln Center the person who bumped into others while boarding the train was checking his email and stayed clueless. I am not upset but looked at this person as a person that has just moved to NYC.

Fifty Ninth street is the next stop and my transfer station. I am thinking the start of this day was not the best, but the rest of this day will be the best. We get to fifty ninth street and as I exit the lady who I touched by mistake gave me the best smile and told me to ‘have a nice day’ I returned the same. That is when I knew the rest of the day would be better. Sometimes a stranger can turn your day around, humble yourself, ‘it can make a difference in your day’. Don’t let someone else's madness ruin your day!

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