Blog Post # 4

5) What is some thing you have recently learned about your topic that you think is under-reported? What should people know about it that they do not?

Something new that I have learned about my topic is that homophobia is still very much alive in Russia, and is a controversial issue. Many may not know the ways that Russia humiliates the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgendered community and how they are mistreated. Recent news reported that they even started a campaign, with their main chant being, “gays are not people”. Policemen even tried snatching a gay pride rainbow flag away from people trying to protest and promote this community. This may not be news to some people, either because they live in Russia or they are victims of this mistreatment. Most people do not know about the obstacles of hatred that gays have to face on a day-to-day basis. It is very hard for all of these people to deal with this type of discrimination and hate towards them. The main reason for the ignorance of these kinds of events is because this is not something that someone would be interested in if it is not happening to them. If it is not affecting them directly then most people do not care about certain situations that occur around them.

The New York Times article, “Fueling Homophobia in Russia” depicts some of the tragic ways that gays are mistreated. If a same-sex couple is caught being even slightly intimate, such as holding hands or hugging, then they will be fined and thrown in jail with aggressive action. Imagine if this was you with another person you love, obviously it would be very uncomfortable and a hard life to live. Many people do not worry too much about the LGBT community and their rights because of gay marriage now being legal in the United States of America. However, even though this may be slowly getting better in the United States of America, it is only getting worse in some parts of the world. Take Russia for example, this is not only true for homophobia, but for racism as well. The country that I specifically want to talk about their perspectives on homophobia is Russia.

Although I may have known that Russia was a country that was the most welcoming to gays, there are still new stories that are under-reported and I believe that people should know about these certain countries. For example, new stories about the mistreatment of others, and the passage of new laws that prohibit the LGBT community from doing certain things. I can only imagine what life is like as a gay in Russia. Everyday must be a challenge for them because they have to live a double and secret life. This is just like discrimination because people are judging others based on their sexuality, this is something that should get people to get used to. Times are changing and we are going into a new century, a new era. Russia is nowhere near resolving the issue of homophobia, and I say that because homophobic laws are still being passed. This has been going on for a very long time now and I still have yet to see even the slightest changes.

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