The Blasingame Art Research Project is an independent research project initiated by myself in early 2017. The project is a comprehensive dive into the art and history of Marguerite Blasingame (1906–1947) and Frank Blasingame (1903–1967). The ultimate intent is to publish a final body of work that includes biographies, attributions, and retrospectives.

Who were the Blasingame’s?

Prior to this project, there was virtually no compiled history on Marguerite or her first husband, Frank Blasingame. Marguerite and Frank have an intriguing history, and most importantly, have created some fantastic art. They socialized in the most elite circles, and their works of art were lauded with positive critique by top critics of their time.

Talent, Mystery, and Intrigue

Although there is still much research to be done to get to the truth, my research has flushed out many stories and rumors. Underlying all of this is also a story of immense passion for creative expression. Sadly, Marguerite’s life was cut far too short when she died in Mexico. Divorced prior to Marguerite’s death, Frank lived to work another 20 years.

Lovers, Co-workers, and Definitive Attributions

It was also during my research that I began to realize I could not prove definitive attribution of my painting to Marguerite due to the lack of available evidence to indicate who painted it. Marguerite and Frank worked very closely together and were a team during their early careers.

I can say without a doubt that both Marguerite and Frank collaborated on sculptures and carvings, and both had separate and distinct painting styles. I will eventually show a definitive separation between the two.

Tell me your story

I have been very fortunate to receive help from many top professionals with knowledge of the era and the Blasingame’s art. The more I research, the more people are coming out of the cracks and offering assistance and providing much-needed stories, documentation, and information.

If you have any information on these two artists, possess one of their works, or even have a bit of gossip, I would love to hear from you. If you have any specific questions on these two, I’d be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.

You may contact me here, from the link at the bottom of my blog or email at blasingameart (at) gmail (dot) com

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