Today I will dive into the Bonus Features for the Tic Tac Toe Program.

  1. The Join Or Method — This method is used to improve the .join method that lists out the possible choices for markers on the board. This method was actually extremely difficult to create. After looking at the finished code, it was somewhat simple but still something I definitely would not be able to create on my own.
  2. The Counter — This method involved ending the game only when one side reached 5 total wins. This was simple in that it included looping a majority of the program, while creating a counter, adding to it when one person won. The program would break when someone reached 5. I created the program and, although it does not work great, it definitely gets the job done.
  3. Computer AI: Defense & Offense—Both of these methods come down to the complicated process of cycling through the Winning Lines Array and searching for an array set that has two Player Markers present. Once one has been found, mark the blank space in that set with a Computer Marker. The method should be as simple as finding the target array and returning the blank that should be marked. Easier said than done.

These bonus features are just too difficult for me to complete at this time with my knowledge of the material.

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