I started the Twenty One Program last night and got somewhat far in the organization of the code. My focus was to create small and simple methods for just about everything. This caused the actual execution code to be very concise and kept everything more organized than if I were to write all the logic out.

I will continue to complete the code today, further organizing the methods and cleaning up the messy areas in which there may be too much logic.

I finished the Twenty One Program with ease. There are sections near the end of the execution code that are a bit messy. I could go back to tuck those into methods. I could even tuck away the text into a .yml file as well.

Bonus Features:

  1. I don’t clearly understand the process of putting the total method for players and dealers into a separate variable. I do not understand exactly how it improves performance. An easy fix but I don’t understand the point.
  2. The rest of these questions are in regards to the book answer of the Twenty One Program.
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