Choosing A Baby Carrier According To The Age Of A Baby

Sep 16, 2016 · 4 min read

Among the equipment to be acquired when expecting a baby, along with prams, car seats, strollers and other necessities face the carrier. This is a device that has established itself over time and has become increasingly necessary for the sake of welfare and development of the infant. Carrying a baby is not something new; the image above clearly shows how carrying a baby has evolved over time. It allows parents to keep their children close against them while having their two free arms of their movements.

You have questions, asking how a baby carrier would be helpful in your case; to what age can you use it and how to choose it? You are in a situation where you ask most of the view around you and within you know?

The material: Defines the strength and durability of your equipment uses over

The age of your baby: Essential equipment for a newborn will not be the same as that used for a slightly older child

Baby weight: This conditions the comfort of your child when it is worn

The intended use: you baby wear mainly to travel, to take baby hiking, or other? Discover the models used in each case.

At what age can you use a baby carrier?

Porting and physical proximity are beneficial and necessary for the well-being of the child. Scientific studies on infant development show that the use of the carrier is effective for the child to feel better and cry less than another.

Generally, we use the sling between 0–4 years maximum. If it is brought before the beginning of life to protect and better monitor, how to wear evolve progressively as the child grows. During his first months, porting meets an important need of the infant. The baby gate 0 to 3 months will very often be preformed or ergonomic. Between 0 and 3 months, the baby needs its mother or the person who does it. In this case, vision, hearing, smell and touch affect the construction of its axis.

- Between 3 and 6 months, the baby develops, his muscle keeps getting better. In this case, the baby slings are a great choice because they allow having 3 positions and sometimes more: cradle, front, back, etc. At this age, often porting is outward.

- Scarves 0–6 months are as interesting if one chooses a model of the type 4 in 1.

And for these four positions for one model, just change the knot of the scarf to wear her child differently. Carrying your little 6 months with a scarf will no longer pose a problem.

- Finally, there are the Asian design porting templates that can be used as soon as baby is between 3 and 4 months for their system to easily pass the ventral port mode to the back when the baby is 12 months.

The back baby carrier, at what age is it used?

The baby carrier for infants about 6 months and older, can employ the back fashion for reasons of comfort. It is actually more practical to put her child in the back, especially during outings off the beaten track. This is an excellent alternative to the stroller, which offers many activities. It is advisable to wait until your child gets to stand (usually between 1 year and 18 months) before bringing it back.

In this case, the child is already awake, stands well and begins to observe everything that surrounds it. You have in this case the choice between dorsal baby carriers and scarf? You choose. Both solutions can be worn comfortably on the back. What you decide will certainly be the route you have to do and your child carrying habit.

At what age do you stop using the “back baby carrier?”

There is no age limit; it is based on comfort and individual needs. The wearer’s musculature develops simultaneously as the child grows and gains weight. If you regularly wear your child, you can wear more and longer. A good knotting or ergonomic backpack baby carrier adapted permit to carry a child up to 18 kilos. Carrying her child up to 3 years is often due to the practice of a sport like hiking because at that age, a little is enough self.

A flip on this article will definitely help you make the right choice with the best baby carrier for your child, and also facilitate the child’s growth and comfort while saving you some money.


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