Have you been searching for a better way to build and manage your business?

Well, you have finally found the right solution at Total Practice!

Your critical success points in your business or chosen field, relies on being able to manage your work effectively without stress, and go about daily activities with the assurance that everything is placed under control. Here are some of the features Total Practice provides you with to keep you up in your game.

1. Easy-to-use platform — Organize critical contact and project information

2. Secure client communication — Send secure, encrypted messages to clients directly.

3. Accept online payments — eCheck payments, at no fee to you or your client.

4. Dynamic billing features — Easily find important documents from any device.

5. Generate company reports — Easily analyze data you need to improve your practice.

6. Shareable calendars — You and your client stay always on schedule and never miss an important event.

Total Practice is the most powerful, intuitive and affordable practice management platform designed for entrepreneurs, startups, small & medium enterprises as well as lawyers and law firms.

The archive document management or document management (or records management) is to organize effectively and systematically all documents or data that may be required to justify its activities, under any format for the sole purpose of providing a less frustrating experience for legal professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium enterprise.

With Total Practice, your company can gain the advantage of a complete practice management software solution, in order to get organized with your life and company, tasks and projects, contacts and emails, billing and invoices, events and calendars, files and documents, time tracking and expenses and more.

Total Practice also includes a one of its kind integrated client portal that allows everyone to stay informed and connected.

In today’s world, there are certain points on which you must be imperatively ‘good’ to be on the list of happy professionals, having enough time to engage in other lively and social activities, for a healthy state of mind. Total Practice helps you manage your time and set an equilibrium on the important things of life, giving you the opportunity of practicing more and manage less.

However, several companies have spring up with divers operating systems that’ll actively help to manage your documents and workspace in one piece while you do less of the work, but the Total Practice management platform supersedes with unbeatable margin.

It’s built with all the required features to help you manage your work and simplify your life. This will definitely arrest risk of stress and mismanagement of document giving you time for other important things of life.

The importance of a document management system in any organization cannot be overemphasized as it manages data efficiently and allows users to perform multiple tasks with ease, it is needed to maintain strong relationships between data, and it helps brand managers to search data in a better manner.

Stop doing it the wrong way and expecting a perfect outcome. Allow Total Practice assist you take charge of your time, cause with all these features, Total Practice gives you an edge over everything.

A drop of ink makes thinkers ponder.

A drop of ink makes thinkers ponder.