Indian Business TITAN Ratan Tata Thanked this CEO for helping him in NANO

With success of new Tata Nano Nxt with new features like Space for luggage, Automatic gears, more stylish interiors. Once in crisis TATA NANO is back on track. Congratulations to Capable engineers of TATA Motors and their efforts, though very few people know back two years back, when NANO was in crisis and was turning into symbol of complete failure. A TATA motor was struggling to keep NANO project on track. Once symbol of vision of Ratan TATA, turned into an embarrassment.

In such situation, Electronics engineer by education an Indian Businessman and entrepreneur Prateek Bhardwaj came ahead to help project, keeping with root causes of failure of the NANO, figuring out the root causes of disliking by Indians, Prateek thought about psycological hurdles faced by consumers which earlier people at tata motors didn’t focused.

Prateek listed all the issues related with car and its marketing strategy with their best possible solutions and sent it directly to head of TATA group by that time Ratan N TATA, and crossed his fingers to see what happens next.

To his excitement he did received reply from Ratan TATA’s personal assistant that his suggestions are accepted and will be presented personally to Ratan TATA, when he will be back from foreign visit.

Taking as bluff for once, Prateek waited for one more week, and reply from TATA’s email did arrived, reply did made Prateek made felt proud more than ever, this was Mr Ratan TATA himself, he gradually thanked Prateek for his suggestions and added he is forwarding his suggestions to TATA motors team.

A year later we can see new nano with many of Prateek’s suggestions implemented.

Prateek Bhardwaj is originator and CEO of leaderspro learning and its image JET Exam which is one of most popular exam who pulled in 33,000 applications in only three days.

Prateek established his endeavor Leaderspro Learning Private Limited in 2012. He is author and executive of JET Exam.

His pleased guardians Dr P C Sharma and Dr Anju Sharma both are specialists in government divisions and his more youthful sibling Praveen Bhardwaj is examining B Arch in Iowa State University USA.