Influence Marketing: An Essential Tool to Accompany your Virtual Strategy

Giovanbattista Cimmino, your Anchorman

Giovanbattista Cimmino

With the advent of social networks, new consumer actors have emerged. Neologism 2.0, the term “influence marketing” refers to digital opinion leaders who, through their posts and their recommendations on social networks, significantly influence the purchasing behavior of their subscribers. In order words, the digital revolution has changed the way we consume. One of the most glaring examples is on the side of influential marketing, a term that refers to the techniques and commercial strategies using “influencers”, people who can federate a large community of Internet users on social networks.

The influence of these influencers on their followers is such that a simple publication can generate buying behaviors on a large scale, far more important than any conventional commercial. It is understandable why these profiles are of interest to brands, who use influencers to test products and put them to the fore through videos, photos and sponsored articles.

There are three main types of influencers:

- The celebrity: popular, they have a wide community and allow brands to increase their visibility and reputation;

- The niche influencers: enjoying greater legitimacy in their area, they have a committed and close to hearing their interests;

- The micro-influencers: they have a smaller community but are appreciated for their authenticity and their proximity with their subscribers.

One of the trends emerging from this study is the growing number of micro-influencer accounts compared to “star” bloggers, and especially the large proportion of respondents (95%). Considered by having large followers on @milano, @thelondonlifeinc, @shanghailife_ and @parismonamour as large-sized influencers, they have at least the advantage of having more faithful followers and yielding the anticipated result brand and businesses in various niche look out for. In this regard, 60% of the 2,500 interviewees find that it is on Instagram that they manage to engage the most audience against 18% for Facebook. They also admit to adore new uses such as Boomerang on Instagram and Facebook Live.

Influence marketing is being talked about more and more often. According to the figures: more than 99% of influencers believe that Instagram is the ideal platform to connect brands to their community. In fact, 56% of respondents indicated that they spend at least 4 hours per day on social networks as part of their work. Another impressive fact: more than 20% of respondents say they spend more than 7 hours a day on social networks!

On the Internet, we can find influencers on many media and social networks. On blogs, YouTube, Instagram … they are everywhere. Social networks have the distinctive feature of delivering content quickly and easily. The reactions are almost instantaneous and it is therefore simpler to gather a community around a theme. In a study carried out by my humble self, Instagram remains the support most used by influencers. This makes sense: a photo or a short video has a lot of impact for a fashion and beauty blogger for example. According to this same study, the blog is the second most popular social network for influencers.

But one does not become an influencer overnight, it takes time to build a personality around a theme and to gather a community. To create a blog without too much difficulty for example, web hosts like 1 & 1 offer turnkey solutions to have a WordPress blog operational quickly. Once the support is found, it is necessary to keep in mind to publish original and catchy content regularly. It is a way to increase visibility and therefore to retain a community of Internet users.

So take the time to identify who are the best influencers who will help you enhance your brand or enable you to keep a sharp eye on e-marketing. These actors, @milano, @thelondonlifeinc, @shanghailife_ and @parismonamour have the characteristic of being intelligently talkative and recognized as experts in their field. Their contents and their opinions are echoing endlessly on the web.