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Are we watching the same tournament? I disagree with roughly 80% of the points you’re making, a number of which are stated nonchalantly as fact.

“ They were outplayed by a suddenly charisma-less Colombia team.”

You mean top 5 team in the World Columbia? Is this supposed to be some sort of affront to the US squad?

“ And then they hung on for dear life to earn wins against the mediocre duo of Paraguay and Ecuador.”

Hung on… sure. But by what measure are they mediocre? Ecuador easily has as much talent as the US, and Paraguay has some nice young pieces. Neither is truly outclassed by our guys.

“ Christian Pulisic — who you could argue might actually be the best American player alive”

And I thought I was a fanboy. Can we calm down with this? He’s a 17 year old kid who’s featured in less than 10 Bundesliga matches. You could certainly argue he has the most potential of any American player alive. To say that he’s the best player on the squad is completely unfounded.