Donald Trump took the low road after a pastor gave him a lesson in etiquette.

His race to the bottom continues.

Donald Trump went to Flint, Michigan yesterday, in what he claimed was an effort to draw attention to the lead poisoning crisis that had contaminated the city’s water supply since 2014.

Here’s how Trump’s Flint trip went:

Before Trump even stepped foot in Flint, the city’s mayor expressed skepticism over his visit when speaking to the press.

“I would think, if you are very concerned about Flint and the people, you would contact the mayor and want to have a conversation about what’s going on,” Mayor Karen Weaver told the press in D.C. on Tuesday. “So that puts a question mark in my mind that I wasn’t even contacted or notified about something today about something tomorrow.”

Later that day, Mayor Weaver issued a statement saying “Flint is focused on fixing the problem caused by lead contamination of our drinking water, not photo ops.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump landed at Bishop International Airport.

Shortly after his arrival, he took a quick tour of a local water treatment facility and thanked the “really, really good executives” in charge of running the site.

After the tour, Trump then made a short stop at the historically black Bethel United Methodist Church.

However, his remarks took a u-turn when he launched in on an attack against Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton failed on the economy, just like she has failed on foreign policy. Everything she touched didn’t work out, nothing,” Trump said.

Pastor Faith Green Timmons quickly intervened to stop Trump. Mid-sentence.

“Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done in Flint,” said Green Timmons. “Not to give a political speech.”

Fast forward to this morning when Trump told Fox News he thought the whole ordeal was a setup and proceeded to attack the pastor for wanting him to focus on the issues.

“[Green Timmons] was so nervous, she was shaking” when she went to introduce him, Trump claimed. “She was like a nervous mess, and so I figured something — I figured something was up, really.”

To recap: Trump invited himself to Flint, briefly toured one water treatment site, tried to turn his remarks into an attack on Hillary, then wrapped things up by making a separate personal attack on an African American pastor who just wanted the Republican presidential nominee to stick to the issues.

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