Hillary’s message to African American women across the country.

“Black girl magic is real.”

Yesterday, Hillary spoke before the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium in Washington, D.C. and hailed the contributions made by African American women despite extraordinary odds:

“We see that every day in the businesses you start, the art you create, the children you teach and the communities and organizations you lead,” Hillary said.

Hillary praised black pioneers like Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to the United States Congress, and civil rights leader Barbara Jordan — but acknowledged that there was more work to do in the fight for equality.

“You, your daughters, your granddaughters … leave the house every morning, put on that game face that we all practice, and enter a society that consistently challenges your worth. With the images you see, the lower pay that so many take home that try to silence your voices and break your spirits. Yet you remain fierce in the face of these challenges.”

The obstacles moms, teachers and business owners — particularly those of color — face everyday just to have a seat at the table are unjust and against the very values we cherish as a country. It’s long overdue that black working women have a fair chance to run the meeting.

“Now while your stories are often missing from the history books, make no mistake you are the change makers, the path breakers and the ground shakers — and you are proof that yes indeed Black Girl Magic is real.”

Black women aren’t just magic, they’re also a powerful force in our democracy. African American women turned out at the highest rates of any other demographic in the past two presidential elections.

To make sure Hillary gets to the White House, turnout will be critical. You can help make it happen by making calls to voters here. Support the fight to advance policies like lower child care costs, paid family leave, and equal pay for all women.

Originally published at www.hillaryclinton.com.