Safari Books Online

All you can eat technical books and video including Blockchain materials!

I was provided an account to Safari Books Online and have been impressed by the availability of books and videos that actually interest me and the interface is actually quite palatable.

Safari Books Online boasts over 40,000 books, videos and tutorials from over 200 publishers. That sounds great but does it offer up-to-date content on new technologies versus dusty outdated O'Reilly manuals? The answer seems to be "both" however I have found some useful Blockchain materials and videos. I also have some management books in my queue.

A search for "Blockchain" yields 146 results of books and videos including the May 2017 Open Source Convention OSCON materials held in Austin, TX. The materials include a complete recording of the 10 keynotes, 36 tutorials, and 137 individual sessions delivered at the conference (more than 240 hours of material). If you missed the conference like myself you can watch them in peace at your home office between conference calls or in the car during those precious 32 minutes while your spouse is in Target (productive time trust me!).

Included are the (4) Hyperledger Development Fundamental videos by Matt Lucas of IBM and they were definitely worth viewing if you were seeking a crash course in Hyperledger. Matt introduces Enterprise Blockchain and Hyperledger fundamentals but also demos Hyperledger Composer by executing select Hyperledger examples. Hearing his answers to participants in the crowd were equally helpful.

Yes, there are Case Studies, Playlists, Learning Paths, Online Tutorials etc. if you have time to dedicate to them. I did sign up for the "WTF? Tim O’Reilly LIVE on the future of work" live online event for Safari members and although it was not what I expected, I would try another. I naively expected a professionally produced, fast pace webinar with bulletpoints and HD graphics but was met with Tim O'Reilly talking at a desk. The best part was watching the chat comments of users asking "did the video start yet? I just have a blank screen. Why is there no intro music?". Comedy.

Safari Books Online has an iOS app with a queue feature so you can queue up your books and videos and read or watch them from your device. The iOS app mimics the website and is stable and easy to navigate. Useful to me was the "dark mode" when reading which is welcome to these often tired, dry eyes.

I was provided an account but I did note that pricing was a bit pricey at $39 per month for an individual however if you are constantly consuming books and video with your daily $8 Starbucks or other artisan coffee then $39 a month is actually reasonable. Also, the "all you can eat" model is a welcome alternative to crossing your fingers and selectively buying e-books from Amazon based on biased reviews. Am I right? You know I'm right.

Non-paid post, I just like the service!
Brian McCurtis