My Hunt for the Italian Hustler
Shinza Hioki

Just read your story and the EXACT same thing happened to me yesterday but this time in Australia! Was approached by an Italian guy in a local shopping centre car park asking for directions to the airport.

He was bald, wearing black rim glasses, aged late twenties early thirties. At first he was very charming and nice and very grateful for the directions.

Same situation — suggested pulling to one side and out of he way of everyone else so I could continue to explain where to go. He then explained he worked for an Italian luxury watch maker and had been in Australia on a sales trip and that he had 6 watches left over that he didn’t want to take back to Italy as he would have to pay tax of 25% on his return.

He proceeded to tell me how expensive they were, with one watch alone worth well over $1000. He then asked if I’d be interested in buying one for $500 and he would give me the other 5 for free (6 watches in total)

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