Unlimited cash is available, just not for you.

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Riding the crazy train (credit: Dealbreaker)

It’s only when a major crisis hits that we plebs get to see who runs the world and what their values are.

That we are in an existential crisis is not in doubt. In fact, we are facing not one, but two disasters at once. A public health emergency, unparalleled in recent memory, coupled with an economic crisis that continues to make millions unemployed.

What’s truly disturbing though is how the US Treasury, in an unholy alliance with the Federal Reserve, is massively bailing out the ultra wealthy on a scale way beyond the wildest dreams of avarice reached in the 2008 great recession. …

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Paula White with Donald Trump — Credit: Paula White-Cain on Facebook

Every day has its surprises. Yesterday, mine was learning that Donald Trump has a spiritual advisor. Initially, I thought this was a good thing, for if ever there was someone deeply in need of wise counsel, it’s Donald Trump.

However, I did a quick Google search on his advisor and quickly changed my mind. I’m used to reading balderdash from theists, but nothing quite prepared me for what I found.

Trump’s religious counselor is Paula White, a preacher who until recently ran a mega-church near Orlando, Florida. …

Could it be that Modern Monetary Theory promotes abundance over scarcity?

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Credit: Flickr — DonkeyHotey

Everything you’ve been taught about economics is incorrect according to proponents of a new economic theory that may one day replace the current orthodoxy.

This new approach is known as Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), which is an unremarkable name for a set of ideas that seek to upend the way the US federal government thinks about money and manages the economy.

Our current economic model has led to extreme wealth inequality. Large sections of the population are without affordable health care and lack the opportunity for a decent education and a fulfilling life. …


Brian McIndoe

Surveillance capitalism, technology run-amok, tyrannical politics, dysfunctional economics and other everyday stuff

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