If you are currently building a home or are involved in a real estate construction project, you may need to finance your operations through a construction loan. …

For some people, finding an ideal home for sale in a great location is not just difficult, but it is virtually impossible — especially in highly-coveted neighborhoods where new listings are few and far between. And to make things even more distressing, these eager buyers do not have sufficient savings to cover the significant costs of building or renovating their dream dwelling. Fortunately, that is where home construction loans enter the picture and make the impossible, possible.

“Home construction loans are shorter-term, higher-interest loans that are used to cover the costs of building a new home, such as permits, contractors, framing, landscaping, and interior finishing,” commented Brian Mingham, the Founder and CEO of CFSI Loan Management, a leading nationwide construction risk mitigation firm. …

It will be several years before the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic can be fully categorized and calculated. However, after just a handful of months since lock downs across the U.S. began, we are already seeing significant and likely permanent change in one key area: home renovations.

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“Millions of people are working from home right now — and they may exclusively or primarily stay there for the foreseeable future — and they’re discovering that while not having to commute through traffic each day is beneficial, attempting to communicate effectively with clients presents significant challenges.” …


Brian Mingham

Brian Mingham is Founder & CEO of CFSI Loan Management (CFSI) | Los Angeles, CA | www.brianmingham.com

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