Sketches from Avatar: the Last Airbender

It’s brotherhood week for APO (a service fraternity I’m part of) and this semester the theme is Avatar: the Last Airbender. There’s a weeklong assassins game, photo scavenger hunts, and all sorts of daily and weekly challenges.

A couple of them involved drawing, so I broke out my iPad to do some sketches.


There’s a couple steps. First, I do my basic outlines and coloring in Notability (of all apps). It’ll look something like this:

Done with sketching stage

I then add on textures using Tayasui Sketch. It’s an awesome app that lets you do all sorts of things like water color or spray paint. But my favorite part is simply the textures you can add.

A different texture for each tentacle

In this lovely Pentapus above, you can see that I’ve used a different texture for each tentacle. Some favorites include the Japanese-y wave and the tessellated diamonds.

General Iroh’s Ba Sing Se invasion plan v2.0

Here I’ve used the wave texture again to signify the sea. For the actual drawing, I use an Adonit Jot stylus (review on its way) on my iPad 3. Maybe one day I’ll have an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil.


Thanks for reading- see you next time!

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