Just a Girl Standing in Front of 2019 Saying ‘I Guess This Is What 2018 Taught Me? Thx.’​

You’ll grow up at 18 and then again at 25 and again at 30. Keep learning.

Remember to take pause and breath in and out before responding to everything. [Emails, most importantly].

You’ll have to remove relationships from your life with people who no longer serve you. It’s called self-care and it’s totally valid.

Remember even at their worst, most people are doing the best they can.][super hard to imagine sometimes, but it’s true].

You will probably be right about a lot of stuff, but you don’t need everyone to know you were right.


Create boundaries with work. We’ll all be dead someday, and that email isn’t critical to responding to immediately.

Create boundaries for your health. No one is looking out for you but you. Be your number #1 advocate and take care of yourself.

Turn off notifications whenever possible.

Gratitude goes a long way. Even on your worst day, even when everyone is a total knob, find something to be grateful for.

Hug your parents every time you see them, you just never know.

Ask questions. Be curious about conversations you don’t understand or work decisions you can’t follow. No one will ask for you.

Savor mentors. The mentoring community you create around you will give back to you ten-fold over time. Invest in people and ask people to invest you.[PS: Strong leaders are really kind with their time, and will usually say yes].

Say No. You don’t need to provide a reason. No is a sentence.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. It might actually be burnt to a crisp. Don’t romanticize the what if’s or shoulda been’s.

Pay attention to gut feelings. They are usually right.

Titles are meaningless if you have no meaning in your work. Aspire to a creation, not a sub-header under your name.

Say thank you. Even to the people, you don’t like. [I guess they’re teaching us something.]

Mental health is real. It’s a conversation to be shared and supported. Ask people how they are, and really listen to their response.

If you’re not okay, that’s totally okay. Reach out for support.[You are so not alone. I promise.]

We all have stuff. Some demons are louder than others. There’s a lot of humility in knowing we feel the same feels.

Hug your dog. Or find a dog, and hug them. We don’t deserve them and they are literally the best creatures on this planet.

Social media highlights aren’t reality. They are highlights for a reason.

Anxiety doesn’t knock before it enters. Practice self-care daily.

The people you surround yourself with are the best reflection of you. Make sure you like what you see.

There’s a difference between passionate ambition and being delusional.

You won’t have the answer to everything. You can ask for help. There will be a surprising amount of people there for you.

Thank your friends for any advice or support they provide. You don’t need an occasion to say, “Thank you, I’m so grateful for you.”

When a conversation is difficult, pick up the phone or have the talk in person. A tone is hard to read via type, and we owe each other the respect of real conversations.[ the Italian in me also isn’t a fan of paper trails].

People’s reactions and responses are in no way a reflection of you. It is almost always a reflection of themselves. See what you can learn there.

Here’s to a healthy, functional, and pretty okay-ish 2019.

However, that looks and feels to you.

Written by

A midwesterner disguised as an Austinite. Freelance writer and content strategist. https://www.bredalessiosouth.com/

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