Wednesday July 8th, 2015 12:33 AM

Well I have been trying to find a blog website that I really liked so that I could start my very own blog and well.. here I am people!!!

I am at one of the most life changing ,and exciting, yet absurdly confusing point in my life. I have so many thoughts, emotions, and daily events going on of every moment of everyday. I am not a writer at all means but how cool would it be to be able to exspress myself (i am usually the opposite).

I hope you all keep reading amd enjoy my journey with me. I have not decided on one specific subject at this point so I figure I’ll do alittle bit of everything and you all can help me decide what you want to read and not read. This is just a good way for me to release stress and my emotions, share my opinions, and possibly give advice on anyone in the same boat as me.

Hello, So this is my first entry and I figured tonight would just be a good time to talk alittle about myself so you can all get to know me alittle bit. I am a highschool graduate from this past June from a medium’’ish” town in Wisconsin. In June, I also made a very big decision to become a vegetarian. Big move for a 17 year old right? haha. I will be moving into My new home (college dorm :D) on August 28th 2015, which just so happens to be my 18th birthday. How ironic. If I had to explain myself I would really have a difficult time because I a barely know anything about myself except for the fact that I am stubborn with quite abit of sass and the ability to over dramatize. I am abundantly sarcastic and love to keep everything little thought I have bottled up inside until now.

This upcoming school year I will be a freshman at the University Of Wisconsin- Milwaukee to study Criminal Justice with a minor in crime analysis, and American Sign Language. I am also on the cheer and stunt team at UWM. I am a broadway lover (i could recite everything from wicked) and ever sense I was alittle girl I have wanted to be an actress of some sort but once high school started I realized how nearly impossible that life path is, so I found a more realistic choice. I love navy blue. I am a picky eater (explains the whole vegetarian thing). I am pale.. year round. No I can’t tan… I am 5 foot and half an inch (yes that .5 is important!) but I could still kick some booty if I needed too.

Well thats all I guess I can really think to say about myself but feel free to ask any questions you may have and I shall try to give you an answer! (; Goodnight fellow readers! Talk to you very soon (:

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