A woman typing on a computer with the text “Marketing and Business Communications During the Era of Coronavirus”
A woman typing on a computer with the text “Marketing and Business Communications During the Era of Coronavirus”

Seattle (Kirkland, technically) is the epicenter of the Coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak here in the US. Companies of all sizes have reacted accordingly — responsibly — by asking as many employees as can to work from home. But not every business can work remotely, and small local businesses are feeling the pinch of consumers staying home particularly hard. Here’s what your business can and should do to communicate clearly with your customers during the pandemic.

The first step, no matter your business, is to communicate clearly and effectively with your staff and customers.

If You Can Offer a Remote or Telecommute Version of Your Services and Products

Use your communications channels to tell prospective…

Brianna hiking Henryd Falls in South Wales

I don’t hustle. I don’t even go out on weeknights that often — even for networking events. I don’t work 18-hour days and rarely work on weekends. I’ve even gotten over the guilt of not sitting at my desk from 9–5 (or any other variation of normal adult business hours).

But my business is growing.

I don’t hustle for a number of reasons, but they all add up to one big reason: It simply isn’t sustainable for me.

I used to be in awe of influencers and entrepreneurs who seemingly manipulated time to do more in a day than I’ve done in some weeks. I read all the articles and blogs by mompreneurs who chronicled how they successfully built a full-time income by…

You’ve heard it before: “Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing” — and it’s true. Entire digital businesses have been built on the principal of personal referrals and reviews. Look no further than Yelp, Angie’s List, or even Facebook and Google reviews. But while online reviews and referrals are powerful, personal referrals are still the strongest way to develop new business.

Developing relationships with key stakeholders and decision-makers, even in companies you don’t necessarily want or need as clients, creates a second-tier sales team: when a company you are courting asks one of those key people their…

Brianna Grantham, PhD

Brianna J. Grantham is a marketing and communications consultant and owner of BJG Consulting by day, fiction author by night. www.bjg-consulting.com

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