Everything is too much, nothing is enough
Everyone is too much, no one is enough
I am too much, I am not enough
Too much, not enough

Caring about caring
About me you her him them us those these ours mine yours
Stop caring
Keep caring!

Overwhelmed by everything entirely
Overwhelmed by nothing at all
Why am I overwhelmed?

Because I am
Because I am not

Not sure at all
Absolutely positive

It will be well
It won’t be well
Not always
But I will, I am
And also I am not

Even so, it is well
With my soul
With my spirit
With my heart
With my mind
With my breath
Or is it?

I breath now
Deeply in
One. Two. Three.
Deeply out
One. Two. Three.
Always deeply or else not at all

Even so, it is well…