President Obama is going to Cuba. Here’s why:
Ben Rhodes

David Cearley I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. As a second generation Cuban American, I feel that this isn’t benefiting “ordinary” Cubans one bit. All of the financial resources and money will go straight to the wallets of Castro and his comrades, just like it always has. To the rest of the world, this looks like is the U.S. is supporting and affirming the Cuban government’s dictatorship that has filled the country with suffering, poverty, and unimaginable human rights violations at every turn. Of course I agree that the U.S. should be taking steps to align itself with Cuba, but it has been happening in the wrong order. Some say that this is a bold, courageous move from Obama. No. What would truly be bold and courageous is if Obama first confronted and discussed the gross human rights issues in Cuba. Surely the lives and conditions of Cubans should be improved before we worry about putting more wealth into the hands of the U.S. and the Castros. I know there are no easy steps, but opening travel and trade and pretending everything is fine is surely not the correct first step to take here. And if I see one more person say “Cuba isn’t that bad”… It’s an infuriatingly wrong stance. The Cuba you see in beautiful resorts and visitors’ hospitals and on TV and film? That’s not the Cuba that “ordinary” Cubans see. They face horrible poverty, living conditions, mistreatment, and despair in a beautiful country that has been long lost in the suffocating grip of Communism and Castros. Don’t believe me? Ask any one of my relatives still living there.

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