Empower yourself to empower others

It’s no secret that gender inequality is still very prevalent today. After the most recent election, this was even more apparent to me and I decided that I would turn my anger and fear, into determination and action. I committed myself to starting a Lean In Circle at my company.

What is a Lean In Circle?

Lean In Circles, inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In, are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together. They are empowering women, pushing them to ask for that promotion, apply to that job, and take credit where credit is due.

Whether you want to join a circle, start a circle, or just browse resources to further your own career and interrupt gender bias, the Lean In website is a great place to visit.

Want to join in on the action? Check out the agenda below to get started:

Session 1 Agenda:

Circle Topic: Confidence, Leadership & Growth

Session Goal: Set group expectations & ground rules. Get to know each other, address any concerns, and create a safe space.



● My name is…

● I enjoy spending my time…

● My role at Facebook is…

● I joined this Circle because…


Please pick 1–2 questions from the list you’d like to answer:

● When you look back a year from now, what do you hope this Circle has helped you accomplish?

● What is one thing in your life you wish you could change?

● If you had to describe your life in three sentences, what would you say?

● What holds you back from pursuing your boldest dream?

● What is your biggest fear, and where does it come from?

Please note that I used the Lean In website’s resources to create this agenda.