The Power of Gratitude

Ever been pushed down by life? One day, everything seemed fine then boom, reality hits, harsh reality.

Life can be pretty brutal sometimes or how some may put it, it can F&#KING suck! However you wish to describe it, you’re right. Shit does happen. One day you could be walking down the street feeling completely at ease then boom! An unexpected turn of events has occurred and they are not in your favor.

It challenges you with the harsh reality of life and forces you to question yourself as you are automatically outside of your comfort zone, you’re in the dreaded go-no-go zone. A paradoxical universe that is both bewildering and difficult to get out of. A place where you are not comfortable and the everyday life that you were leading no longer is as appealing but at the same time, not sure what else to do. Your path has been altered and is no longer clear.

Some of us tend to blame the world, with a clenched fist, powering towards a sky clouded with uncertainty, but as soon as we see that those clouds are not clearing, we look down. First, we look at others for reasoning and often blame but when we continue to feel that sense of doubt, we tilt our heads again, this time hanging, in shame.

But what is shame really? Shame is simply nothing but a manifest of self-deprecating thoughts and is completely natural. It comes hand in hand with having cognitive functions — you can’t have amazing thoughts and ideas without having gone through negative and self-deprecating ones. It’s the consequence that we must bear with having the ability to think through thought.

Shame is the latter of blame — The blame directs the spotlight of shame, each person turning it on each other for a chance in the dark.

It’s an awful place to be, in the darkness of shame, afraid of a looming spotlight that will illuminate all your insecurities and faults for everyone to see, especially if you have gone to great lengths to hide them, but what we must remember is that what we allow is what will continue. If we continue to consider judgment, humiliation or ridicule as a genuine concern, then that’s what it will forever be; Your thoughts filled with an outsiders perspective that will enter you into the dreaded shame cycle, leaving you perpetually unfulfilled.

When we notice these signs of depleted self-worth, the power of gratitude is what brings your hanging head back up. Gratitude is turning off the spotlight of blame, opening the curtains to clear the darkness of shame and letting the beauty of nature surround you whilst looking up at the clouds that block the clarity of a blue sky and seeing their silver lining. You know that it may be cloudy outside but at least you have shelter. You know It may be cold but at least you have warmth. You know you cannot afford takeaway but at least you have food. You know that you may feel lonely but you are surrounded by love. You know that today might not have gone well, but at least you have tomorrow.

When we draw back on our situation and realise that the issues that we dread, others would wish for in comparison to their own, is quite powerful. When we see that we are living our lives and going through it with relative ease when compared to others, the shame you felt can almost feel trivial.

Gratitude is knowing life is precious and short and is not be taken for granted. It’s being thankful and happy for what you have, who you are and what you have accomplished thus far and its all the motivation you need to lift your head back up and continue to move forward towards your own greatness.