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The user in this photo hides her entire face behind her cell phone. This user is very attached to the screen because it gives her a way to hide from the world around her. She constantly has the phone in reach, and therefore always has a way to avoid human interaction. In Eggers’ novel Josiah says, “My problem with paper is that all communication dies with it” (Eggers, 187). People of the circle are so attached to technology that it starts to become part of them, employees of the circle cannot live without it. They find technology as the only way to communicate with each other. As people begin to become more attached to their phones, they start to “feel less and less connected emotionally” (Molony). Humans begin to become more invested in technology than in themselves. They care more about hiding their true selves than interacting with other people. Interacting with people through technology does not give them much emotional connection. If people strictly use technology to communicate they can hide their true identities, so no connections they make are real. Technology allows people to hide themselves, and hinders their ability to make genuine connections.

The girl in this photo uses her laptop as a way to hide her face from the camera. She uses technology as a veil. The computer is a way for her to avoid other people. The veil keeps her from having to show her true identity. It allows her to hide from people. When people frown at Mae on social media the narrartor describes that, “she felt numb. she felt naked” (Eggers, 409). When she is in public and on stage at the company she cannot hide behind her technology and it makes her extremely uncomfortable. She is so used to being hidden by technology that she feels incomplete without it. Mae is forced to be on stage and have people watching her in real life and it makes her umcomfortable. She is fine with people watcher her life on a computer screen but in the real world she cannot handle it. She needs the security blanket technology provides her with. Technology allows people to, “create networks among individuals” (Molony). While this new technology connects people it can also hide them. People can be whoever they want online, so they can still hide who they truly are. Even though individuals can stay connected with technology, none of their connections are actually real. People can use technology to hide their true selves.

This users identity is tied to his laptop. The laptop conceals his entire upper body, making hime and the laptop intertwined. It is impossible to seperate them because the laptop has replaced as essential part of him; the laptop hides his identity completely. Mae has a necklace that, “Saw everything Mae saw” (Eggers, 310). Mae is so conneted to techology that it hangs from her neck everyday, people can always see what she is seeing. The viewers never actually see Mae’s face. Even though she is attached to the camera everyday she is still hidden by it. She is constantly behind the camera so no one sees her true identity. The idea is proposed that, “our technological society may actually be the most disconnected society in the world’s history” (Molony). People are so connected electronically they lose connections to the outside world. They are unable to communicate with each other in the real world. Their identities are attached to their technology because they are so used to it. Technology is a way for them to hide themselves in order to feel more secure in the real world. People are comforted by the anonymity it gives them.

In this image, only the top of the users head is visible. Most of her identity is concealed. Her entire body is squeezed into the dimesions of the small laptop, no one can tell what the user looks like in real life. Her identity is completely hidden by technology. Josiah says to Mae, “the point is your not engaged with the people around you” (Eggers, 189). Mae has started to ignore the people around her, she only communicates virtually. She feels comfortable being hidden by technology. With technology no one has to see her to talk to her. She can keep her true identity hidden. People now, “seek virtual communities at the expense of time spent with their immediate families” (Molony). People are so connected to technology they start to abandon their connections with real humans. They do not spend time interacting with other individuals, they remain hidden by their technology. They stay within their techology hiding their true identities from the people around them.

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