Getting a lot of lessons on perspective lately. Tonight was a perfect example.

I was driving home from work and a silver Honda Civic kept swerving in front of me, turning her blinker on, left and right, but not switching lanes, and driving recklessly to say the least. I was getting a little frustrated because I didn’t want her to hit my car, or someone else’s. Fast forward to the next red light. We both stopped, and she rolled down her window and just looked at me. So, I rolled down mine too and she yelled “I broke my ankle. I can’t find a hospital, do you know where one is? I don’t know where I am.” I, unfortunately, had to tell her I didn’t know where one was either, as I’m not too familiar with the area. The light turned green pretty quickly, and she drove off. I watched her turn into what seemed to be an urgent care. I turned around to follow her to make sure she got to wherever she was going alright and found her parked in front of the urgent care building. When I pulled up she was still sitting in her car, so I went up to her and asked if she was ok and if she needed help walking in or anything. She said that she had called them and that they we’re coming out to help her. I told her that I could stay until they came out if she wanted me to, but she told me that she was tough and that I could just go. As I was leaving, she yelled out her window again, “thank you for caring!”

As I drove away I thought that sucks. It sucks because my initial response wasn’t to care — which I’m glad she didn’t know. My initial response was being annoyed, and irritated, and upset that she was driving crazy. My perspective went from thinking this person was driving crazy and was just probably drunk, or in a rush, or both, to someone that could have been (and was) in trouble. I wish I had done a better job of giving her the “benefit of the doubt” tonight when we were driving, instead of assuming.

It’s something I’ve been challenged with, and continue to work on, but I wanted to encourage other people to do the same. Take a different perspective on things, sit back and think for a second before reacting. And, react in love, y’all. It is so, so worth it.