Broke, Homeless & Grateful

Here’s what being homeless and poor can bless you with: The ability to survive. The street smarts you can’t learn in college. The joy of being beautiful, in shape and much stronger than you look. Overcoming your fear of germs and strangers. Dumpster diving your next meal (germs? so what?) You never notice how much free stuff is available, it’s everywhere. Even free places to live comfortably.

I can still remember freaking out when I couldn’t get the rent in on time. Hey, FUCK YOUR RENT. That’s what I say now. I squat in one of the countless vacant properties in Los Angeles. That’s right, I live in Blight USA. Since I can’t work (or fit in with society) I now have the free time to dedicate to something amazing. No, not making a fortune.

I’m talking about art, composing music, practicing witch-craft, not paying attention to the road. Not having to sit through another 5pm vehicular cluster-fuck. I choose to NOT drive. Your welcome climate change believers. What the fuck have you done? Keep recycling your milk cartons baby slaves.

That’s right you professional wage slaves. You might feel more cognitive dissonance after reading this. That’s your dose of anti-depressants today. Do something about it, I dare you. Say NO to “earning a living wage” even if just for a month. Anarchy is burning your federal reserve notes. Too hardcore? You love stuff that much?

And now the gratitude the list. Don’t you dare tell me your not grateful for anything. That’s a sad result of wanting more stuff, and dreaming up fairy-tale expectations for yourself.

And to all the recruiters / employers reading this..your expectations are unrealistic, so just stop. I don’t care what you expect me to look like or behave like. The most competitive salary and benefits? Don’t care one iota. My free time is worth so much more than anything your company could offer.

So, your hi-tech millennial workplace offers flexibility and free carbonated beverages? Yawwwn. I’d rather lie down on my picnic blanket and listen to the mathematical symphony of birds all around me in the beautiful lush public parks of Los Angeles. The machines of God are always talking, if one can learn to listen.

Hey guess what? 2 months with NO SMART PHONE. Yeah. It’s awesome. And yes, you look really stupid with your heads down pretending to do something important. Tech sucks a lot these days.

Technology is becoming a fucking hindrance to my creativity and personal development as a human being. Is technology going to make me get up off my ass and put in the hard work it takes to create something beautiful?

Bye for now, my free hour at the Library is up. I’m going to get back to my new passion, which is doing absolutely nothing. Functional member of society? Yes, I am. Remember, wage slavery is a choice. (your choice) Please cherish your free time and free will the way I am learning to.

Much love and infinite expansion