Good Man

Brianna R Duffin
May 18, 2018 · 1 min read

The preacher told us even he

Didn’t always know to be a good man

He said that even the current leader

Didn’t always know to be a good man

But God would never elude

A man who wanted to be a good man

Because God is good and God

Is the light, the preacher exclaimed,

I’m not talking about your mama’s lamp,

I’m talking about the sun

Because that lamp don’t inspire nobody

To be a good man

Even on the days when his light is hidden,

The sun is the mark of a good man.

I still don’t know how

To be a good man but

I still want to try.

“Bald man wearing pink shirt and sunglasses walks on sidewalk in front of graffiti that reads "good"” by on

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Brianna R Duffin

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