JOUR220: CNA Week 9

The Forbes Fab 40: The World’s Most Valuable Sports Brands 2017

Each year, the Forbes Fab 40 determines and lists the value of the top sports brands-this is done so by quantifying the amount that the name contributes to the value of the athlete, business, event or team. To determine these amounts, different formulas are used to determine the value depending on whether or sports “brand” is a business brand, team brand, or an athlete. In each category, the following sports brand/figure takes the top title as follows: Nike for business brand, NCAA Men’s Final Four for event brand, and Roger Federer for athletes.

SMU’s Chad Morris is nation’s highest-paid coach from a non-Power 5 conference

USA Today’s annual FBS coaches salary database was released Wednesday, ranking SMU’s Chad Morris as the highest-paid coach from a non-Power 5 conference, receiving a reported pay of $2,095,793 a season. The salary database tracks who the highest-paid head coaches in college football are for each season. In addition to being the highest-paid coach in this division, Morris is also receiving the 55th highest salary in the country in the realm of football coaching.

Sports Illustrated’s New Live Trivia Show, ‘Next Question!’

Thursday Oct. 26, Sports Illustrated is set to launch its new live trivia show “Next Question!” The 15 minute show will air on Facebook live weekly on Sport’s Illustrated Facebook page. Hosted Mitch Goldich and produced by David Seperson, the show will be a four-round battle of sports knowledge between two Sports Illustrated staff members.

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