The Overlooked World of Fashion Public Relations

I had no idea it was even a job. I was lost in translation trying to combine my passion and love for fashion and writing with my desire to have a profitable career. There had to be more than just model and designer. There had to be some business to this fashion industry. After long deliberation and many failed attempts at what I thought I was interested in, finally it presented itself. Emerging like a sparkling gem it lit up across my computer screen.

Fashion. Public. Relations.

There are many key players behind the scenes in the fashion industry. However, the role of the fashion publicist is one of dire importance. Without a publicist, a brand/designer may not get the exposure they need and in this dog eat dog industry that’s not something that can be afforded. defines Fashion Public Relations Specialists and Fashion Publicists as those who help apparel companies and retail stores build and maintain a favorable public image. This includes high end designers and fashion labels as well. Not many understand the duties of a fashion publicist. To be completely honest in the beginning I didn’t understand it fully myself and am still learning.

One of my go to sites is PR Couture. They are the one stop shop for anything Fashion Public Relations related. They’ve established a list of just exactly what a Fashion Publicist’s job really entails. These include the creation of a strong brand for your client, knowing how to work with fashion editors, working with models and celebrities, being ready to put out fires, understanding media trends, having the ability to juggle innovation, creativity, and multiple interests for success, and the ability to be organized and able to prove the value of your work.

Amanda Carter, Founder of MODE

In a nutshell, being a publicist of any kind, especially in fashion, is not a job for the faint of heart. It requires one to balance multiple duties and still complete all of them in the most pristine manner. Amanda Carter, Founder of MODE Public Relations, describes her daily routine in an article for Refinery29. “BUSY! I don’t read books, only e-mails. Lots of phone calls, and meetings. My mantra: Make it happen.”

Even with all of the busy work schedules and barely having time for your personal interests and hobbies, the satisfaction that comes with working in the field of public relations makes it all worth while. I find it gratifying to lift others up and help them succeed. Who would’ve known that one could find all of this in one career and still be as fashionable as ever.

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