This week I choose a small video clip from a TV show on the TLC channel called My 600 pound life. In this video clip you have a woman who basically spends her whole day laying in bed and can barely move. She needs a caretaker to move her, clean her, and help her do most common personal things. This woman has many health problems and is starting to get more. Food is controlling her life. The reason why I choose this clip is because it reminded me of a lot of what Tripp had in his writing about a person’s heart. Our heart is our control center. People do what they do because of what is in their hearts. This woman has let the pleasure of food control her heart. Tripp mentions how God has given us many pleasures on this earth. These pleasures are all good and wonderful, if you use them to glorify God. This woman is allowing the food to satisfy her heart. I really like what Tripp says about the idea that pleasures need boundaries. These boundaries are important because they protect us from being dominated, addictive, or controlled by them. (pg. 60) This woman has let the pleasures of food dominate her heart and now she lives a life of possible death due to her addiction of food. It is really important to understand that what controls your heart will direct your behavior. (pg 48) Our heart needs to be ruled by God not the pleasures of life.

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