Icons in Use

First it’s probably fair to differentiate between a symbol and an icon.

A symbol is an image that does not necessarily represent a tangible thing, but more an idea or a concept. The idea of concept may be represented by a tangible thing, but not the other way around.

An icon is a simple visual representation of a thing or an action. While they are similar and are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different. For example, a cross might represent a religion, whereas a church, is representative of, a church.

1. The first icon I found was in my car and represents the button that rolls the window up, or down.

2. The second icon was found on the power button for the radio, again in my car. I’m guessing it represents an old radio dial knob.

3. The third icon, which could also be used as a symbol for “other abled” was found on the checkout screen at my local market. Presumably it will activate a screen that is easier to use to the person trying to check out.

4. The next icon is pretty clear. Pretty much anything with a circle slash around it means that you can’t do it here. No smoking.

5. Men and Woman icons. Also the international symbol for bathrooms.
I’m not sure they could have done this any other way.

6. And the last find for me was this trash can icon with the guy that seems to be splitting in two at the torso. Still, it’s pretty good at showing what needs to happen when you encounter a trash can.

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