Beyond Swipes and Super Likes

Once in a while you have to get back to your roots.

Today, I am announcing I am stepping down as Chief Product Officer of Tinder, a product and company I love.

As for what is next, I am excited to share I will be ramping up my investing activities in the Bay Area with the help of Naval Ravikant and Jeff Fagnan. I am extremely passionate about supporting the next crop of world-class entrepreneurs with capital, and product/operational guidance.

It is quite surreal that my first investment, Coinmine, launches today. Coinmine is the world’s first plug-and-play cryptocurrency mining device. It is sleek (Apple-esque, according to Fortune), easy to use, and consumes less energy than a PlayStation — powered by Coinmine’s own operating system and elegant mobile app. I’ve also invested in Secfi, a fast growing pre-wealth advisor. Their platform offers company friendly financing to help startup employees exercise stock options. …


Brian Norgard

Ex CPO, Tinder. Investor.