The Power of Believing in Others

Brian P Alvarez

A Tribute to my good friend, Heber Porras.

Life is a gift, don’t waste the fortunate opportunity you have to live and breathe!

On March 31st, 2018, my good friend Heber Porras passed away to be with our Heavenly Father. Life is given each day, and life is taken just the same, the idea and mindset that I am trying to portray here is “what are you doing with the time given to you?” Heber Porras was my friend, mentor and Pastor. He was one of the firsts to take me under his wing and teach me all that he knew. He helped me realize my gifts and talent and the biggest mark he left, was the belief he had in me.

There is a great deal of power that lies behind the action of believing in others.

Years ago my family started to attend this church in Bell and quickly the Pastor recognized the gifts we have. 3 months later we, my brother, sister and I became the lead worship team for years. They have taken that gift further and taught others. Later, he gave my parents the platform to lead and even speak at the church. He was not afraid to give the “Spotlight” to others to see them excel, his goal was to see others grow using their gifts for the Kingdom of God. Within a few months, he took me under his wing and mentored me, he noticed that I loved to tell stories, lead and direct so he gave me the opportunity to open a small department at church where I was able to produce live plays.. We did one show and invited the community on a Friday night. Fridays are usually dedicated to a church service, but, he decided to cancel that service so I could host my play, which is completely unheard of for a Pastor to do!!! We ended up hosting the show for 3 days consecutively with 2 showings each day, A lot of people came by and watched the play. This sparked my desire to jump into the film industry and invest time learning about creative arts.

Let’s fast forward to today, my parents are now church plant as lead pastors of a new church in Bellflower. My brother and sister are still practicing their gifts and has that piece of mind that there is a band leading to Pastor Heber’s church that is well equipped due to the teaching and training them. As far as for me, till this day I am still practicing film and have adapted multimedia in everything that I do. I still believe that if it was not for Pastor Heber believing in me, giving me that platform, I would not be doing all that I am doing now. You have the power of believing in someone, don’t be afraid to show it and express it to others, it can literally change someone’s life. I am grateful for the opportunity and time that I had with Pastor Heber, I am beyond thankful for all that I learned from him and for giving me the chance to showcase my gifts which propelled me to be the person I am today.

Appreciate life and do not take it for granted, inspire and love others even if it is through something as small as believing in others.

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Thanks to Jennifer Stevens

Brian P Alvarez

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