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No more ridiculous than the Democrats excuse that voter ID is racist, because black people can’t afford or obtain a photo ID, when a NC photo ID is $13. Funny, whenever I had to go to the DMV I was the minority and I’m white. Also pretty funny that these same people CAN find an ID whenever they want welfare, food stamps or a library card, but can’t seem to located or afford one in 2–4 years when election time rolls around. You need an ID for just about everything these days. A job, rent a car, open a bank account, cash a paycheck, rent an apartment, you name it.

And for anyone to say Republicans don’t want to face the wrath of the black voter is a buffoon. Black people today are WORSE off under a black Democrat President, than in the past 40 years. 58% increase for blacks on food stamps, more than 50% of black youths can’t find a job, only 69% of black graduate from high school, you are 12 times more likely to be shot by another black person than you are a white person, 71% of black babies are born to a single parent, unemployment for blacks is still around 9% and black home ownership is the lowest its been in decades. But you partisan, ideological and narrative loving Democrats keep ignoring the truth and reality, while blaming Republicans for the Democrat Party’s failed leadership.

It’s always “narrative” over the truth and party over performance with you head in the sand dwelling fools, because your ideology and being “right” is more important than reality. I’m no big fan of the Republican Party right now either, but you people are living in pure denial if you think the Democrat Party is without reproach in these people’s lives.

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