Brian Pittman: Arts showing the Struggling life of black Americans

Brian Pittman is a renowned artist who produces paintings from the relics he gets through his time travel. Most of the images that he uses on his paintings are based on his life as a black person. According to him, he is a very courageous person since he visits the past in search for relevant information about the past. Some of the people he has interviewed include Malcolm X and Mya Angelou. Furthermore, he has also found some of the newspapers that has provided him with useful information on the past. His paintings tell the world about the importance of learning from our past and thus be able to move forward.

Brian Pittman uses grape soda and charcoal ash as the main medium for his paintings. Therefore, he is dedicated to the shops that sell grape soda. To start off his painting, he makes some sketches of the things that he likes. The next thing that he does is to smear the grape soda to create different shapes and designs. He uses different shapes and designs to portray his feelings. He guides the grape soda flow with his hands to get the right design. Once he is done, he place his home flag on to the pieces. After that, he use a shirt wrapped in charcoal powder and taps it on his home flag. He finishes the painting by removing the flag covered in charcoal and reveals the ghostly images. His drawings are a representation of positive imagery.

The painter has strong relationship with the grape soda and that is why he uses it as the main medium for all his paintings. He likes grape soda because it reminds him of Mississippi where he spent his childhood. As a child, he used grape soda as a way to escape from those who despised him because of his skin color. When he was a child, he though grape soda was one of the refreshing drinks. He no longer takes grape soda from the store but prefers to make one at home.

The painter is not worried about the fact that some of his audience cannot relate to his culture preferences like grape soda. There are places that have not heard about his culture but he does not have any problem with that. One thing is sure of is that people from different parts of the world can relate to genocide, misogyny and bigotry. Brian Pittman believes that there are still people who can still relate to his paintings.

In conclusion, he believes that it is important for people to relate with their past. It is the only ways in which a person can learn from their mistakes. Even the people who are prominent have their fair share of flaws. In his opinion, work of art should be a source of inspiration for people. There are different kinds of art and there is no doubt that people can relate to any painting. There are different kinds of paintings and Pittman provides a unique art.