A Long Weekend Guide to San Francisco and Napa Valley

Part 1

“Whatever you do, get the convertible.”

“Dad, it’s the end of February.”

“Trust me. Get the convertible.”

My father’s mafioso-like advice proved to be sage. We lucked out with the perfect weekend. When we arrived in San Francisco, it was nearly 70°F and it wasn’t even 10am.

We picked up our black Camaro and headed north through the city. Our first stop was the Muir Woods. Top down and looking like total tourists, we we’re soaking in the California sun as we headed up the 101.

After crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we exited off the highway in need of a quick caffeine fix before taking in nature.

My girlfriend, now fiancé, spotted some people working out in a parking lot near Coyote Coffee. We had hoped there would be Bulletproof style coffee (one of our morning rituals), but to no avail. However, we did meet some amazing people running this small, local gathering spot and had some excellent espresso.

As fate would have it, they carried some amazing local treats. Thanks to the staff’s suggestion, we picked up a Barr Necessities Chocolate-Cherry Cookie. It was amazing. Hard to believe something so delicious could be paleo, vegan, and gluten, grain & soy free.

I can hear the haters, but let me stop you right there. I fed this cookie to my friend who subsists on high Popeye’s, high Arby’s diet. His response mid first bite, “That’s a good cookie.”

Good meatball, better cookie.

Wide-eyed and re-energize, we headed to the Muir Woods. I don’t know what to say other than it’s dope. Super fucking dope. You have to go.

I have only one regret from the entire trip, and it only occurred to me as I was finding links and reliving the trip. We completely missed the Muir Beach. It was a rookie move, but hell it was our first trip as a couple. We did everything else right.

When we returned to Chicago, we got in touch with Natalia at Barr Necessities. She hooked us up! We ordered her cookies by the box full and she was happy to accommodate us before she had even launched her online store (now live, so click that link and order up).

In Part 2, we’ll cover the second half of Day 1 as we head east to Napa Valley.