What’s different to anywhere else is… I suppose, an unabashed kind of confidence in the face of…
James Heathers

For starters, I was going to pass this by: inside with a political party but am really quite moderate — in a country divided on polarization of politics. But, thought, let’s see what this observer thinks, I’ve read lots of super-biased posts from my extreme Facebook friends on both sides, let’s see where this story goes. I liked it. Not like the usual media over-hype of events like these.

But you mentioned the attendees supporting Trump based on non-facts, or lines that don’t hold ground. I think many at the rally have heard politicians over the years talk and talk. But once in office, of the 10 things they talked about most only three are pushed. One gets a little backing and drops off the desk. Another gets pushed and twisted, sliced and diced, and a bunch of other items added to make this idea not seem as it once was. And the third thing gets pushed through, hyped by the media as being the greatest or worst thing for Americans and still has less substance than originally planned. So, maybe the rally supporters are tired of hear long the political talk that leads nowhere.

This is a terrible election season. And my vote won’t count anyway.