GOGI – Garbage out-Garbage in!

This expression is normally seen as GIGO – garbage in – garbage out. A tech-age variation of “you become what you think about”. If you are constantly putting negative stuff into your brain, you will feel down and negative generally. And, that is what you will be putting out generally. So, again, I encourage and even urge you to limit your exposure to simply negative garbage.

But what about the title of this piece? GOGI – garbage out – garbage in. This can be thought of as a variation on “what goes around, comes around“ or “as you sew, so shall you reap“. Think about that just for a minute. So if I am expressing anger, outrage, impatience, frustration, anxiety and so on … I will be the target and recipient of those same actions from others? In short, yes. Nothing positive will result from putting that sort of thing out there.

It is tempting to lay out a few examples like getting frustrated when someone is blocking the shopping aisle,or rage when you were cut off in traffic or anger when someone cuts into a lineup, but that is not the focus I want to present. Rather let’s spend a minute or two just focussing on what results when we act in those ways. It is almost never pleasant and rarely neutral. In the actual situation, tempers will flare, confrontation escalates and you end up getting the same as you were putting out.

But look out a bit further. If those are fairly normal actions and you put out, what are your days like? I will suggest that they are, by and large, fairly unsettled. You seem to run into “situations” regularly. Just can’t seem to catch a break. The stupid car breaks down because the service folks messed up!

Stop! Look around you. It really is an amazing place. It feels even better when we acknowledge the neat stuff. Getting the green lights. Seeing the funny side of that person bent way down studying the cans in the lower shelves. Admiring the gardens around you. Saying thank you for a chance to practice patience when something gets in your way. Let mainly good stuff come out of you. You will feel better and much more good stuff will show up in your life. You will attract more breaks.

Live well, love always, and laugh out loud every day.