Some thoughts on life

Living, breathing, sentient life on earth is finite as we “know” it. We are born, we live, and we die. The awareness comes – exists – then seems to leave. It certainly leaves our mortal bodies.

Living organisms all go through the same “life” cycle. I am not sure about the awareness part for organisms other than human beings but it is not critical to know that detail for my purposes.

We know about (or are aware of) at least a segment of the universe. In a linear time concept – we can “see” millions – billions – of years. The root appears to be energy – waves.

To our senses and our logic – or at least my logic – everything is basically finite. Even infinity from the sense that there is a “finite” amount of energy that exists in perfect balance. Energy takes all sorts of “forms” from different waves and rays to light to gases to physical objects all the way through to and including the physical make-up of a living organism that has energy flowing in the form of electrical impulses in human brains that, taken as a whole, form another form of life that is unique and manifests as an “aware” being.

Let’s take this further but let us look locally here on earth (we can consider the universe later). This is my way of acting locally but thinking globally.

There is a set of building blocks that formulate the planet that we call earth. There are a number of elements that scientists have put into a periodic table. All of the matter and gases on and around earth are made up of combinations of these elements. Science has gone further and we now know that these elements are in fact made up of atoms, which are made up of neutrons, electrons and positrons. These move about each other in specific and predictable ways. If we look closely – we see space between these particles that are moving with such high energy. Eventually, all we have left are waves – energy waves. That is as far as my science goes but there is likely more. Energy is once again the root of everything. How it is organized is what differentiates “stuff”. To me, the miracle that defies scientific explanation is the way energy manifests into a human being and the “spark” that we understand as awareness just happens!

To me, this is proof of a “higher being” or organizing force or “something”. Many call it God or some appellation with the same meaning. All beliefs that I am aware of seem to have as a basis that we are born, we live, we die and go to be in the presence of God. Where did we come from?

It makes perfect sense to me that in the perfection of the universe in general, and in the relatively closed ecological energy loop on earth, energy has converted to physical form (my body) and the miracle of the “spark” awoke in my “brain”. I “came from dust” and I will “return to dust” – at least as far as my physical body is concerned. In other words – my physical existence takes up some of the resources of earth. Some of the atoms and energy goes to my existence. When I die – those atoms and energy are released to be used in other ways in the closed ecological system on earth. But what about the “spark”?

This is where we come to the heart of “existence” and “eternal life”. Some of the energy (call it what you will – spark – soul – whatever) that makes up the whole (perfection) manifests into the “spark” that is me during my life on earth. It exists always. It manifests as the “spark” that is me and then returns to the whole (called God or some similar name that denotes the same concept) upon my physical death.

Our “aware” life, the life we know here on earth, is actually a very brief interlude in our eternal existence as part of the perfect whole. Knowing that, why would we not live every minute fully? It is sort of like taking a holiday to some distant place to see and experience that locale. We rush around and try our best to “get our money’s worth”. We want to see everything. We want to taste the new and unfamiliar foods. We want to ride the local transportation. We want to hear the local stories. We want to learn about the area. We may want to sit very still for a while and “feel” the ambience in certain places (spiritual sites – historic sites – ancient sites – etc.).

I think you get the idea. We pack everything we can into the trip because we may not be able to get back again. How can we do any different in the way we live our lives? Let us live as though we are on a short “vacation” or trip to a new place. After all, we are.

This brings us nicely to how we live our lives. The variations of our existences here on earth are enormous. There is, therefore, no simple answer or perfect roadmap of how to live. Our “spark” gives us awareness. I think of that as our basic intelligence (beyond our simple ability to exist and survive as a species). We all have some sort of intelligence. Let’s look at a few universal guidelines on how we must live. I say “universal” and “must” because we are, at the “spark” level, all part of the same perfect whole (source) that exists forever.

(Forever is a strange concept really because it is based on a linear “reality” that is only a concept that applies in our human awareness. The perfect whole is energy and therefore is timeless. However, we need to use terms like this because other concepts, I believe, are beyond our capacity to comprehend – at least for now.)

A logical, basic universal guideline has to be – “do no harm to others”. I am speaking here of others in terms of humans – they are the ones who have this miraculous “spark” that we have as awareness. Perhaps other species do as well. Therefore, we really need to consider the concept of not doing harm to anything we come in contact with. I will come back to this another time. Let’s stay at the level of living lives as part of the human society.

So, “do no harm to others”. Another universal guideline, by extension, must be “to help others who need help to the level that you are able to help”. Right now – I think everything flows from these two universal guidelines. Everything else is basically administrative details. (10 commandments for example all relate back to these two guidelines).