I learned today that a recent presentation I did on increasing resilience was met with a lukewarm reception. It was for an audience of teaching assistants who were very engaged during the presentation.

As I reflect upon it, and what the takeaway might be. I realize that I was likely delivering my message to the wrong audience. I’ve been wanting to move beyond the education field and into the business field for years.

Within the past few months I finally began taking the steps to do so. I admit, I’m grieving a bit because I spent so many years, giving my heart and soul to the education community.

Now I know, that I am right to move on. My message and my journey have grown beyond that community. Like growing out of an older pair of shoes. It in no way means the shoes are bad, it simply means they no longer fit.

Now I will slip my feet into a pair of business shoes. Then walk forward into my new adventure. Wish me luck.