Siri, Alexa, Viv, Google and more: you will use them all.

The Voice First revolution is upon us. With the release of what I call Siri2 (no chance Apple calls it that) we will be in full momentum on this far more advanced generation of Voice controlled AI.

Much will be written about a supposed competition between Siri vs Alexa vs Google vs Viv. Much of these conjectures will turn out to be quite incorrect. The only aspect that may temporally be correct will be a first selection of a stand-alone Voice First device. In the next 12 months there will be dozens. However Voice on iOS devices and Mac computers will also stand in to some degree. Yet this is really not where the “vs” question will ultimately be.

Voice AI Platforms: You Will Use Many

I have postulated that over the next 10 years 50% of computer interactions will be by voice [1]. Some find this statement controversial. It is a sure thing for many reasons [1]. Over time you will use Voice controlled AI on dozens of platforms for dozens of reasons and use cases.

The Voice platforms we use will be situational to where you are and/or what you are trying to accomplish. For example, you will own an Alexa based system and perhaps this is the system you use to order Amazon products. However you will be able to order Amazon products on Siri at some point. Some Voice platforms will do some things better then others. This will be some basis on why you will use many. There are more reason.

You Will Not Choose A Voice Platform Like A Web Browser

The paradigm that these Voice platforms will be akin to our selection of web browsers does not fit right. Certainly at first you will choose one system based on if you acquired a Voice First device or will use the default platform on your device. However the very nature of these Voice platforms is they can operate on almost trivial electronics and across many operating systems. You will ultimately use many, perhaps dozens of system in a typical day 10 years from now. They will be in your kitchen, cars, cell phone and on vending machines and at the ordering line at Starbucks.

You Will Own Your Own Intelligent Assistants

Ultimately we will manage and mediate many of these Voice AI platforms with personal Intelligent Assistants/Agents (IA). At first your IA will not really be yours, it will be held inside Siri, Alexa, Viv etc. However at some point for many reasons, security of private data is one, you will add a layer of abstraction on top. This IA will also have a Voice and actually speak on your behalf. I know this sounds absurd but there is 100% certainty this will happen.

Here is a specimen Twitter video of how I have been programming a liberated Siri and Alexa:

There Are No Shopping Carts In The Voice First World

Voice Commerce and Voice Payments will completly replace the push advertising modalities we have all become accustomed to. The pull modalities of Voice Commerce and Voice Payments will not only be one of the fundamental reasons we use Voice First systems, it may very well be the compensation paradigm that serves to subsidize free or low cost access to Voice controlled AI. There will be complications along the way, there will be no shopping carts in Voice controlled AI nor will there be payment gateways like Stripe or Square operating like they do today. The entire edifice will be rebuilt and not closely match what we see today.

Thus to recap:

  • You will use dozens of Voice platforms for dozens of reasons
  • You will have Intelligent Assistants that will mediate and manage everything

We are at the precise of this new Voice First world. At some point much of what we used to do to interact with computers will look unfamiliar.

Along the way we will endure the Siri vs Alexa vs Google vs Viv stories, have a chuckle and know they are wrong. They all win, we all win.


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