Siri spilled the beans, Siri is coming to MacOS X!

Brian Roemmele
Jun 11, 2016 · 2 min read

Is Siri coming to MacOS X? It sure looks like it.

I have been experimenting with Siri since the official Apple release and prior when it was a stand-alone app from Siri, Inc.

Today (June 10th, 2016) Siri has been responding to basic OS X top of navigation questions with answers like “I need Finder to do that” or “I can’t find the Finder App”.

Here is an example for “Siri, open settings in the Window” (there are no windows in iOS) Siri responds with “It doesn’t look like you have an app named ‘Finder’” Here is a screen shot:

Here’s a short video:

Finder is a integral part of OS X (soon to be called MacOS) and although iOS is based on OS X, it does not have Finder [1]. Finder is the default file manager and graphical user interface shell used on all Macintosh operating systems, the “The Macintosh Desktop Experience”. Finder is not currently used on iOS. When I asked a similar question a few weeks ago Siri reported that she couldn't help me with that.

Thus it is safe to say quite soon, perhaps by June 13th, 2016 at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference we will see Siri coming to MacOS.


[1] Finder (software)

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