The Perfect Sport Coat by Roberto

There is nothing more versitile in a man’s wardrobe than a good sport coat. You can pair it with jeans for a casual look or dress it up with gray flannel trousers. Either way to the perfect, tailored odd jacket puts you above the rest of men who always are always just wearing khakis and a polo shirt — or a hoodie!

Take this example of a customer -made from Roberto Custom Tailor in Erie, PA. Roberto has been a tailor almost all of his life, learning his craft in Italy as a boy apprenticing with a master tailor.

What he has created here, though, isn’t Neapolitan but cut in an traditional English style. He has used Super 100% worsted wool for one of the top fabric merchants in the world and features a ticket pocket and it is fully canvased.

You slip the coat on and it forms to your body like a second skin. Because it is custom made, it is made to your specifications. Don’t like blue? You can choose the fabric that appeals to you. You have complete say over the look, fit, and feel. And why isn’t this “a blazer?” It is because a blazer has metal buttons — which are available if you need a fine blazer for your wardrobe.

All the colors you can imagine.

Roberto is offering this beautiful coat starting at $2500, extra is you want to take the next step to fully bespoke. Call him at 814–864–8246 and leave a message. Roberto will return your call and discuss how to do measurements so that jacket is made exclusively for you.

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