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Joe, you are right to hail the significance & advances of renewables to replace carbon fuels. But you mention at the end that sufficient political will is sine qua non to success — as if it is a caveat that only deserves mention. In reality, there is a frenzied cross-discipline discussion elsewhere about how to create the degree of public awareness and engagement that adds up to sufficient political will, not just to get policy supporting the energy transition, but for policy, in law, that protects against further ecocide and disruption of planetary systems, that recognizes the human suffering caused by the capitalist agenda.

Obviously, solving for political will on climate requires strategy and a plan of action. Big subject, can of worms. I’ve been suggesting here for years that CP should focus on what kinds of collaborations/ partnerships could advance political unity on the issue. I’ve said many times and still say that media strategy & planing is fundamental, and the biggest failure of the collective climate movement. To ignore the problem the failure of “the biggest social movement in history” to turn the political tide is to miss the chance to analyze it and to perhaps help it finally succeed in influencing public policy.

My personal favorite often suggested tactical solution for advancing public & political buy-in of the climate emergency: get climate and earth systems scientists before the public on primetime to explain the science, the known inevitabilities of inaction, and the importance of public involvement. Take the initiative, make the story mainstream. How do we do that? That’s the question.

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