Calculating your SaaS Metrics is not enough, you need to understand whether your metrics are in fact strong or whether they need improving. After spending a lot of time searching for relevant benchmarks to compare our portfolio companies to, we decided to build a tool for companies to compare themselves to the industry.

We have built the SaaS Metrics Benchmarks to automatically compare your SaaS metrics to two industry reports:

Openview’s 2018 Expansion Metrics and KBCM Technology Group 2018 Private SaaS Company Survey. This tool is easiest understood when looked at alongside the reports above.

All you need to do…

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The GitOps map: The number of startups is rather small — but we believe it will grow rapidly

Developing technology is in reality far more expansive than just writing code. Technology teams need to consider a number of different aspects of the company’s technology stack including its compute infrastructure, storage, development pipeline, security and more.

For the most part, companies choose to purchase various products from third party vendors in order to complete their technology stack and thereby not have to build it all on their own. Each of these tools come with some form of a management console or dashboard that enables companies to tailor that specific tool to the company’s…

Don’t neglect your marketing message - 8 lessons learned

Steve Jobs when presenting Apple’s new ‘think different’ campaign said: “It’s a very noisy world, and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us… no company is.” Much of this still holds true today, and is perhaps even intensified.

This creates a laborious challenge, particularly for start-ups with limited resources and with technical founders who mistakenly believe that technology will sell itself.

We noticed that almost all of our early stage portfolio face this very challenge: How do they communicate their product to their…

Brian Sack

VC @ TLV Partners

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