Should we demolish the pyramids?
Dave Scott

Your pyramids comparison would be valid if it wasn’t, ya know, completely wrong. The Pyramids of Egypt weren’t built by slave labor but instead by paid laborers and craftsmen. It makes perfect sense why; if you were a Pharaoh would you want to entrust the building of the great mausoleum that will serve as the pathway of your souls ascension into godhood to a bunch of unpaid labor that in all likelihood don’t give a shit about you and your claims to divinity? No. You’re gonna contract out to the people that love you and/or money enough to do the best job they can.

Then again, you are a guy that calls people opposed to nazis and klansmen “fascists” without a hint of irony or self awareness, so it ain’t a surprise that you didn’t put a whole lot of thought into your analogy.

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